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Tuck Shop Sweet?

There are so many choices in the Oakes tuck shop which makes it hard to pick the best sweet. But if you had to pick one, what would it be?

Total votes: 122


luke's picture

I went for 'other'... I like Mars or Dairy Milk. However, I've not been to the tuck shop recently - do they still sell them?

staciemrz's picture

They still sell Dairy milk, I know... Cadbury Creme Eggs all the way - clearly it's the people's choice!

Mez's picture

I used to love Wham! bars (bright pink with fluorescent green bits). I think we should sell them (since we're talking about tuck shop)

Chloe1998's picture

this is such a hard choice!!! :O i cant choose so im picking a random one :D ha x and wham bars sound great mez!!x

Chloe1998's picture

actually i choose maltesers cuz i remember a few camps ago when i bought 7 packs cuz they were 10p each ahahhahaha x

staciemrz's picture

Wow Chloe! what a bargain! hahaha

Matt Holmes's picture

hello erik we should defo get WHAM bars and luke here is my smile botton opportunaty on mez comment smiley

Geedle94's picture

It's all about the WISPA

PrincessAnna's picture

i put 'skittles'- but i alsi like polos and chocos

i like buying the oakes stuff like keyrings and rubbers too

PrincessAnna's picture

I put 'other' because I love fruit skittles. I love, love, love, love LOVE Skittles!

Once the shopkeeper gave me a free Dip Dab! 

But once I bought some mint Polo's and they were out of date.

Martian3i7pl's picture

Rainbow dust!!!!!!! but maltesers were put twice

But poloos are real nice too

l a u r a's picture

I LOVE maltesers. I also LOVE polo's but I like maltesers better

ILoveDogs's picture

I put other because I like polos and I also like skitties.

Fortress C's picture

Skittles are great so are creme eggs do they sell them all year round?

Mez's picture
I don't think so
Clarey's picture

The Creme eggs & those lovely caramel ones will be coming to The Oakes tuck shop very soon, hopefully by the end of January until April! 

DavidBoy's picture

Freddos!!!! Once I went and a boy was buying millions the sweets and he was talking to me and he started to choke. OH NO!!! But he thought it was funny so I thought it was funny!!!

Immy 5's picture

Ha ha thats really funny!!! Once I had some rainbow dust (because I love it) so as it is called dust I thought I could use it as fairy dust!!! So I threw it. Oh no I bet you know what happen next. It went all over the floor I threw it because I thought I could catch it but no. So never use rainbow dust as fairy dust. Ha ha ha ha ha so FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cool

DavidBoy's picture

Ha ha ha. Any other funny things? Once at the oakes I threw a oakes frisbee (by accident) it went in the pond. That is soooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!! Any?

Immy 5's picture

Hee hee that's funny! 

DavidBoy's picture

Hi Immy 5

At the oakes I always I have a great time!


ILoveDogs's picture

I voted for sour skittles. But my favourite skittles are fruit. My second favourite would be mentos.

Mez's picture
People love skittles! There's another thread about just skittles. I'm kind of old fashioned. I just like the original fruit ones, although sweets taste different to when I was little because now they all have natural flavours and colours - which I do think has to be better than e-numbers
ILoveDogs's picture

At the oakes I bought some fruit skittles and my sister got some sour skittles. I have never had sour skittles befire. So as my sister had some I asked if I could have one to try. So we did a swap. I gave her one of my fruit skittles and she gave me one of her sour skittles. 

PrincessAnna's picture

I love Skittles!!! I have tried Fruit, Sour, Confused and Wild Berry, but my favourite is Fruit. I'd like to try Tropical.