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Oakes Clothing Count

How many pieces of Oakes clothing do you have (or have had)? (e.g. hoodies, tees, hats)

Total votes: 138


luke's picture

I've been at The Oakes for five summers... each summer we get a free shirt... and I have at least six normal items!

Holly N's picture

I have too many to count. I have a few hoodies, a few polo shirts, a few summer camp tshirts, a few normal tshirts and a few sweatshirts. :) I stayed at the oakes for two weeks over easter and had enough oakes clothing to last me the whole time.

shannon_is_cool's picture

I Haven't Got Any Oakes Clothes,Because I Didn't Have Enough Money.crying

Holly N's picture

shannon - learn loads of memory verses and you get free stuff :)

Jonny Bob Greaves's picture

Sadly lots of my Oakes stuff that I got when I was a camper and then support team have now all ended up in the bin, but I still treasure my "Phil Wright Designs" limited edition Oakes t-shirt!

Martian3i7pl's picture

I Have Got 2 Hoodies, 4 Caps , 3 T Shirts 

Hoodies Are Red And Orange 

Caps Are Pink, Purple, Green And Blue 

T Shrts Are er      Pink Blue And A Special Camp One?