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Favourite Gospel

The first four books of the new testament tell us about Jesus' life on Earth - which is your fave? (and tell us why in the comments).

Total votes: 92


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i'm sorry. I just can't choose. they all have their way of helping us learn about Christ

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I think Luke has the best name... cheeky

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yeah but you're biased

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John is the one I read the most often so I guess that would make it my favorite.  It's so simple and yet so deep at the same time!  Read it with 1,2, and 3 John too, which are equally as good!

Matthew would take a really close second though with all the fulfilled prophecies that Matthew talks about.  Amazing.  But I feel sorry for Mark...also a great book and no votes yet...

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I studied the last third of Matthew's gospel last year and found it so encouraging seeing how the promises of God are fulfilled in Jesus, the true king of his people, the Israelites and how he's not the kind of king the people wanted, He's the kind of king the people NEEDED! A saviour with unending love for those he loves.

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Can I vote for two? =P
I picked John but Matthew is definitly up there. So is Luke, actually. And Mark!
Argh Dx

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luke, i think you are mistaken. i believe Matthew is the best named gospel but i do love John and Mark, luke and Matthew

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200: I'm afraid you can only pick one with the current functionality - maybe in future there will be polls where you can have multiple options or ones where you can rank the answers, and so on.

Matt H: I'm not mistaken cheeky

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poor Mark...anyone for Mark?

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Go Matthew!!!!!!!!

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shortest and simplest, with great content!

therefore , i think, easiest and maybe best one for us to be able to get our heads around and  so use for telling non christians about Jesus. As its simple and short i think its great for non  christians and new christians esp). :)

John is no.2 :)

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Go Mark!! 

Short and simple= The Best!

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Mark- Dan convinced me at summer camp 2015