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Favourite Activity

What's your favourite Oakes activity to do? These are the options most often available when you come on a camp.

Total votes: 210


webby's picture

because i get wet

Ricki's picture

Sophie, I agree, rafts is awesome! and actually...the more you get stuck the more fun it is!!!


mucky-pup's picture

mud rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cheeky

elishajroberts's picture

The ropes course rules!!

Sticky Toes's picture

I have never done craft or rafts. I really enjoyed frisbee golf.

TheHobbit'sOcarina's picture
Archery every time. You guys have a nice range, decent bows, and are the only place I have ever been to that doesn't waste half the slot by explaining the same thing hundreds of times. Well done to you, Oakes.
Mez's picture

Really glad you liked archery so much. It's nice to get positive feedback!

l a u r a's picture

My favourite is ropes and the mudder but the mudder is not on the poll.

FFcat's picture

Nothing beats oakes ropes course

Mez's picture

Hi l a u r a

I don't think we had mudder when this poll was started

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Where is the mudder? :O

Ariadne's picture

Rafts rules