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In the Cellar?

What's your favourite thing to do in the cellar?

Total votes: 117


Jonny Bob Greaves's picture

So no one else likes table football?! It makes no sense! Do you all really prefer to stand in a queue waiting to buy sweets?!

luke's picture

Evidently at least half of them do! cheeky

Sticky Toes's picture

Tuck Shop is best by far as you get a nice, tasty treat as an extra dessert. The queue is sometimes and bit long though - and I hate standing on those stairs!!! :-(

ciara twinnybob long's picture

Noooo its a about the pool table!!!

sheffie7007's picture

hearthi shophie i thave a login

Mez's picture

Hi Sophie

Did you have fun at the weekend? Glad you could come back on camp.

Jazz's picture

I love eating sweets in the cellar with friends!!!!!wink

Martian3i7pl's picture

Tuck TUCK but I rel luv pool and +air hockey luv playing it with friends :)

Martian3i7pl's picture

Also the football game

l a u r a's picture

I like to hang out with my buddies.

When we hang out we eat sweets together and play the games

ILoveDogs's picture

Tuck shop. I like to eat sweets in my free time.

Mez's picture

You guys really seem to like tuck.

RosieRed's picture

Hang out of course.