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Camper of the Day

Which prize would you like to win if you were camper of the day?

Total votes: 115


sheffie7007's picture

Tuck is my faverot


Mez's picture

What happened to dorm treat? Campers used to love that but it's not used very often anymore. I heard dorm leaders can request a treat for their dorm though, so maybe everyone should hassle their dorm leaders when they come on camp devil

luke's picture

Hmm... Mez you're a troublemaker! cheeky

The thing with dorm treat as a camper of the day prize was that it was deemed far better than all the others, especially to the other kids in the dorm which the camper of the day was in. So much so, that if they won any other prize everyone was disappointed!! And then, even if they won the prize, what would stop other dorm leaders running their own dorm treat? And basically... that's why it's not a prize any more. All the current prizes only affect the actual individual and not the entire dorm smiley

Actually, does anyone have any other good ideas for prizes which are of a similar standard to the current prizes?

anna.flamingo.w's picture

hmmmm, yeah you and your mates get to jump onto of matti platner! I don't like him....

ImoSmith's picture

no and he doesn't like you either Anna.

anna.flamingo.w's picture

I no but that don't mean we can't jump on him!

ImoSmith's picture

you going to church tonoght cuz u can tell him that?!!

anna.flamingo.w's picture

I am probs, I'll tell him that if you want. I told my cousin to annoy him cos she went on the camp that was this weekend... ☻☻☻☺☺☺♦♦♦ ♣♣♣ ♠♠♠ ••• ○○○ ♥♥♥ ♀♀♀ ♪♪♪ do you like them!!!!

ImoSmith's picture

i cant go again. then it's not on next week cuz of the carol service.

anna.flamingo.w's picture

I think the oaksseys are going to the 6-8 service, is that right oaksseys, hey by the way did you have a good camp this weekend?

ImoSmith's picture

aw i'm not going to any of the Sunday ones

anna.flamingo.w's picture

shame, why not?!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

ImoSmith's picture

i'm going to ***************************************** they always do the same service so i'll have heard it twice.

anna.flamingo.w's picture

you told me that as well, you aren't very good at this imo smith, and you must have posted this after you told me about a hundred times before cos it's a new post and there were no new posts straight after school!! I get bothered about these things you see.

PrincessAnna's picture

I would probably choose a free lanyard, but maybe I might choose £1 of tuck. Can you still choose your prize or pick it out randomly because last time I went you had to pick out randomly?

Martian3i7pl's picture

I would really like to choose comfy seating at a meeting. Although now you cannot choose anymore

Though if that wasn't an option I would choose Beat the goalie it is fun throwing water about!!!!!!!!!!

l a u r a's picture

Beat the goalie. smiley

ILoveDogs's picture

Beat the goalie sounds fun!

C's picture

What is beat th goalie?

ToTheOakesWeGo's picture

BEAT THE GOALIE its where you throw water onto leaders heads like some water in a spoon some in a jug etc

Bucket of water is where there is just a buket

ToTheOakesWeGo's picture

Whaha a a a a a a a a at again