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Best Oakes Season

When do you prefer to be at The Oakes?

Total votes: 238


ILoveDogs's picture

I like to go in the spring. Not to cold not to hot. 


Mez's picture

Summer's definitely my favourite season at The Oakes. There's a different atmosphere.

ToTheOakesWeGo's picture

Summmmmmmmmer baby

RopesChampion's picture

SUMMER!!! Then it is like a real holiday. My second favourite it WINTER!!!

Mez's picture
Have you ever been in the snow?
RopesChampion's picture

Yes it was so fun. I made a snowman with my friend I met at the oakes.

Mez's picture
Yeah, I just read that you did that on the friends post. It's good to hear that people make good friends even when they didn;tmknow each other before camp.
FFcat's picture

nothing can be as good as summer

Horse 88's picture

Summer is the best!

RosieRed's picture

Winter is definitely the best!

PrincessAnna's picture

I like to go in the winter. Winter is also my favourite season.

JonathanCoolDude's picture



You better like autumn!

Clayton Bro 2 michael's picture

spring because then you can meet all the new leaders when its getting warmer and then when it's summer you know all the dorm leaders :)smiley