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Swipe to see Simon's spectacular skills cool

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Half term 1 behind the scenes. Fighting battles against mountains of wash up and always win in the end + reenergising trough a late night rocket in the dining room.
God provided us with everything we needed on this fun but hard camp day

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Lost glasses in the pond.... let’s go try and find them

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We had some nice facepainting on the last camp!

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We love putting together fun game intros, which often includes putting on funny costumes!

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So today Charlotte and Kez ran the bonfire... it was good!! We look forward to seeing you on more camps soon for lots of fun!cheeky

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games games games

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Team trip to Budapest

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A day in the life of support team... this camp we have had some fab support team to help us...they have been involved in:
-Bible studies
-Eating -setting up activities and helping in games
Lots of fun has been had and hopefully more to come!! We love our support team and all the work they do! Thank you guys!

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This camp we have our rooted camp... it’s a camp where the support team come and help but are able to be more involved in camp!! They even have their own bible studies here is one of our great support team members helping to mop the kitchen