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Summer Camp 5

Well thats it summer camp 5 is over (which this year was my first 1) and only one more to go for this years team, sad times. crying This week I've been in the Kitchen with Emma, Clare and Fran (Fun times). Its been hard work I've loved every second of it. Next camp is coming up fast.

Well its been great getting to know this years team as always.

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kitchen crazy summr #4

well, since my last entry we've had 3 summer camps, now into our 4th i have the joy of heading up the kitchen crew (including nick and brenda) this evenings snack was a classic of pizza, with more classics to follow throughout the week.

im looking forward to camp 5 as i will be on non-dorm leading team (NDLT) hopefully the weather will hold out and supply us with some sun, i need a tan really, lol

well till tommoro




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Summer Camp Joy

Hey everyone summers well underway now with two camps done, and i'm really excited about the rest of the summer.

As Nick said we've new games just for the summer and the team are enjoying them just as much as those playing. Storming the straw castle and saving Maid Marian, two of the great games this summer, and the house is looking amazing.

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Summer Time!

Anyone reading this in anticipation of camps 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6??? If so I think you have every reason to be very excited!!! Aaaaaargh!


Were around about half way in to the first summer and the house is all 'Robin Hood'-ed up, theres a straw castle now on the lawn, new games are a lot of fun... Just generally, its a crazy time to be at the Oakes! Woooo hoooo! 

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Lifeguard Training for Dummies

So.. as Nick just mentioned, a lot of the team have been working on camp preparation for the coming camps of awesomeness. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, six of us lucky people (Dan, Rich, Tom, Mez, Daisy and myself) had to spend the day rescuing dummies from the pond and doing CPR on them.  We did it two years ago and the water was pretty warm and shallow... but not this time!  Tomorrow morning we have an exam and when we all pass we'll be able to continue leading and lifeguarding rafting for another two years!

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Prep. work

"The Oakes must be really quiet when there are no camps in, right?"


Gosh no! Theres loads to do and today we've been preparing the coming weekends activities/ games and also working on decorations for the coming summer. Its exciting times and week 1 is less than 2 weeks away! It would seem everything is getting a Robin Hood theme added so yeah! The team are (or atleast I am) very excited about sharing the gospel this weekend and then our final week before the much anticipated 6 weeks of summer crazy-ness.

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the upper room diaries

well by the title, you may guess im in the upper room, which is a small office space just above small carmichel. after a fun weekend off, mainly chilling, playing volley ball in the rain, and frisbee.

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House keep joy

so , its thursday, im on house-keeping, and so far its been good, the house isnt to messy, and ive kept on top of the washing. plus my support team is massive and amazing. so we've finished all cleaning super quick. currently waiting for more cleaning and possibly some funky songs, slighty upset we've had no fancy dress this week, so look forward to the summer, as it will be constantly fancy dress!

bye for now


big john

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The First Post!

Well I gave other people a chance to write the first blog post, but no-one jumped in... so I win!

At the moment we have a schools camp happening, and as far as i remember it's the first time we've had two different schools share a camp.

Today I stepped in to lead ropes course and took on the life guard role for raft building... thankfully I wasn't required to save any lives.