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What a day!
Started our day doing an over-view of Acts to prep for summer! We had our scheduled tea break ( as Elle and Charlotte are so beautiful demonstrating ), and spent the last half of our study day prepping workshops for upcoming camps!
The girls wrapped the day up by having a ladies night out to grab some pudding!

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day in the life of Charlotte:
A fabulous day today- we’ve reached 305 followers!yes thank you all!

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A day in the life of Geri - ft his trip to the local garden centre for his 1-2-1 and him hard at work building a fire.

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Our housekeeper is doing an amazing job at making lists of jobs for our awesome emu and support team, and soon she will need a third arm to keep on writing.

It may be the last day of camp but we are having so much fun watching parents drink coffee and eat flapjack.

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Pancake Morning at the Oakes!! Kezia seems particularly thrilled to be cooking this morning! She must like pancakes a lot, huh?

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On our 2nd Half Term camp these are just some of the many things that have happened on our mission to share the gospel with kids.

1. We are blessed by the amount of support team and here is a picture of them enjoying some free time.

2. The Oakes always has mud around, and it appears everywhere. Here is a fellow support team cleaning mud off the ceiling.

3. A very impressive hand print.

4. Finally, we have all enjoyed the meals prepared by our lovely kitchen staff.

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Unfortunately the camp is over but don’t be sad because we have some nice pictures from this amazing camp for you!blush

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it’s half term and our first camp has started what’s you favourite tuck?! We can’t wait to see you on a camp soon for more fun and more tucklaugh

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Half term 1 coming up. House is clean and spotless. We are looking forward to an amazing weekend with an amazing message about Jesus!

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Beautiful weather for our work day today