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Work hard play hard?


A few of us braved the cold and snow for today's work day! But we made sure to enjoy some of it at lunch time! Me, Connor and Beth were starting work on refurbishing one of the mini golf holes. We moved a load of stones, blew ... more

Christmas News On It's Way


It's so cold outside it's a perfect day for stuffing our Christmas mailing. If you've been on a camp with a church group or on a holiday camp in the last 13 months it will be winging it's way to you soon.

The Most Amazing Christmas Gift Ever


In the Main Event this weekend we had a great time looking at The Most Amazing Christmas Gift Ever: Jesus. The Christmas message is all about Jesus: "...a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." (Luke 2v11... more

Christmas camp


Hi everyone who works at the oakes , I had the best time ever at Christmas camp!!!My first question is what is your activity? My second question is what is your favourite game? Thank you for the excellent time this camp!

Hi Leo, glad you enjoyed the Oakes so much! My fave activity is probably the ropes course and my fav... more
Charlotte Cosgrove
Hi Leo glad you enjoyed yourself my favourite activity I think would be rafts or the wall and my fav... more
Hey Leo, its good to hear from. I'm so happy that you really enjoyed the Christmas Camp. My favourit... more

Christmas Camp 3


We've just finished our third Christmas Camp and our final camp of the year! We've had a great time and we hope all those who came did too. A highlight video of the camp will be coming soon.

Christmas Camp - 14-18s - December 2017


Here we have it, the highlight video for our second Christmas Camp!

Final Prep Day of the Year


Yesterday we prepped our final camp of 2017! Crazy to think that this year is almost over. We're all really looking forward to this 8-12's Christmas camp. Excited to see some of you there :) Beth

Rocking Around the Christmas Hedge


Hey! Jhonnar has already written about what happened yesterday but I thought I'd share my side. I was trimming the hedge on the bottom field where we do Zorbing - making the hedge beautiful! Here's me with the big blue she... more

Volunteer Lunch & Work Day


Hi every one… Today we had our volunteer lunch, it was fantastic to have all the lovely people who come to serve at The Oakes Every week, with different skills and talents that God has given to them. They also were building gr... more

christmas ball 1 2017


hi everyone who went to the the oakes christmas ball 1 2017 1st december to the 3rd december? and did you enjoy yourself?

Hi Liam :) It was really good wasn't it - my favourite bit was the dance with the DJ. I was housekee... more

Christmas Camp - 14-18s


There are almost 60 campers here (14-18s) at The Oakes this weekend enjoying our Christmas camp. Keep an eye out for the highlight video!

Christmas camp - 11-15s - November 2017


We've just had our first Christmas camp of this year, here are some highlights.



This past weekend we had our first Christmas camp of the year take place and it was great fun! In the week building up to the camp the team were all very busy making and putting up all sorts of different kinds of decorations to ... more

Giving everything up for God


Good weekend on our Christmas 1 camp looking at when Jesus met the rich young man. Made the link with CT Studd who gave up his wealth and position to become a missionary. Before that he played cricket for England in the faitful... more

What the team is up too...


Hi everyone! At The Oakes, yesterday was a work day. While most of the team were doing something to do with either making concerete, carring concerete or setting concerete. We had a few people hedge trimming. In one of the ... more

Team Day Out


Helloooo every one. It has been really exciting the last month for all here at The Oakes, This month we have our first Team Day Away which was Fantastic, we spent the day doing Music challenge, laser game, bowling, food and lo... more

Meet the Team - (2017-18)


Want to get to know this year's Gap Team? Well here is a video to help you do just that!

Study Day


So today has been a study day for the gap team and we have been looking at how to lead a bible study. We have been looking at the book of Colossians from the New Testament, especially chapter 2 versus 6-7 to show us what the aim o... more

Super Prepped!!!


Prep days are always good but add in cake and magic tricks then its a great day!! Running alongside prep day was the Oakes' coffee morning and its always great to get free cake, espcially when you can have 3 slices and its coffe... more

Coffee Morning


This morning was our annual coffee morning here at the Oakes. It was great to have people come and visit, both people who have been before and some who haven't to hear about all the work we've been doing here recently. As the... more

Tunnel work and more!


After a couple of weeks away, it's been great to finally have a work day again! One thing I love about the Oakes is the variety of work we get to be involved in, and being able to contribute again to the ongoing construction of th... more

Lots of laughs and fun on EMU!

Charlotte Cosgrove

This week we have had manor lodge camp which was lots of fun with plently of children getting to hear Gods word! They also had lots of fun on their activities and games! This camp I was on emu with other members of the gap team wh... more

Friendship Broken, Friendship Restored


This week we've been looking at what Christians believe with a group from Manor Lodge School. We heard that Jesus is God who came to mend our friendship with him. We broke the friendship but he mends it by dying on the cross an... more

Forgiveness For The Runaway


Hosea marries someone who won’t stay with him. She runs away and ends up in slavery, but Hosea pays the ransom to rescue her and brings her home. This is a picture of how God is with us. We ignore him and we live our lives for... more

Some little life tips


This weekend I had the privilege of speaking on the Holy Cross/ St Andrew's Kendray camp about one of my Bible heroes - David. What I love about David is that he is so human. He has some marvellous victories with God but he also... more

Doom, Gloom and Hope in the Dark


Amos is a difficult book to read – it’s full of Israel’s sin and God’s planned punishment. But we can see something in it that the people back then couldn’t: “In that day,&rdquo... more

To The Rescue!


So I got out of the toilet after 20 minutes. A superhero came and kicked the door in. Really, he did - it was all very exciting! He whisked away before I got a photo of him though so this one will have to do. Photo by Juli... more

Trapped in the toilet


So I'm stuck in a toilet cubicle with a broken lock at this conference with nothing to do but post a blog!

Learning Better Blogging


Joel and I are at the Premier Digital Conference learning how to use our online resources better. What kind of things would you like us to talk about on the blog?

Half term


Hi All, Hope everyone is having a brill week. This week at the oakes we have had the half term camp, which was super fun for the oakes team, support team and campers. In the main events we were looking at Luke's gospel a... more

Half Term Camp


We certainly had a lively time in the Main Event this week. We looked at who Jesus is and what he came to do, and what kind of people he wants us to be. As well as delving into what the Bible has to tell us we watched The Miracle ... more



Joel was prophet to the Kingdom of Judah, although people can’t agree on exactly when. Like a lot of the prophets his book has lots of warnings and sadness but there are two verses that bring it all together. “Return to me ... more

5 stars & Christmas is coming!


Yesterday we had a visit from from the Council to inspect The Oakes kitchen - the place where all of your cake is made :) The inspector was very happy & gave us another 5, their top rating. Praise God! Are you coming on one ... more

...where is everyone?!

Jonny Bob Greaves

HELLOOOOOOOOO?! So I came to The Oakes this morning and there was no Gap Team in the building.... ....Where have they gone? What are they doing? ...I guess we'll find out soon..... .....It's really quiet in here! ... more

Inside out, Up Date...


Hi everyone This is an update about what the team have been doing over the last two days inside and out of the house. While the guys were working on the new activity (Tunnels), putting some concrete under the tubes, Elizabeth... more

Work Days!

The Crazy American

Hey Guys! Just wanted to share some of the things we do on days when we aren't running camps here at the Oakes! Today, the majority of the team were mixing and pouring cement down at our latest project, the tunnels!! We are very e... more

Oakes Meals


Hi everyone. Whats the best meal you have had so far at the Oakes? It doesn't count breakfast it only counts lunch and tea.

macroni cheese



I am a massive pizza fan, my question to you guys is: If you had to be a pizza what kind of pizza would you be?

meatfeast stuff crust hotdog

First Time On Ropes


Hi everyone. When I first went to the Oakes I didn't want to go on the ropes course because I thought it was high in the trees (I was 8) so instead I did craft twice when my sister did the ropes course. Then when I went to the Oak... more

hi i like the mud swing best of all at the ropes course it was reaal funny

Finish the story!


Everyone has to put a bit to the story! Here goes: Once upon a time was a litle girl who was 6 and live with her mum and dad

go in the oakes to get dan