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Mums & Daughters - February 2018


Enjoy this highlight video from our first Mums and Daughters camp of the year!

Meant to Live


We had an awesome weekend with an awesome group of campers. Thanks to everyone for making the Main Event such a great time to engage with God's word. This weekend we were looking at the purpose God made us for and how we can l... more

Family Camp - February 2018


We had our first ever Family Camp a couple of weeks ago, here's a video to show you the highlights of the weekend.

Pancake day


Hi all, Yesterday, we had a work day where I was the houskeep and also helped in the kitchen. It was also pancake day. So we made pancakes for all the team at the oakes. Most of the team were working with cerment and here is... more

Happy Valentine's Day


Hi girls and guys, For the rest of the world today is the loveable Love day, but at the oakes we had a day preparing for our half term camps. Which is super exciting. We at the oakes are really excited for the half term camps. ... more

Kitchen Fun and Study Day


Today was a great day being able to be in the Kitchen with Liz as we cooked Peri Peri Chicken for Lunch for the team! We had some great laughs weighing out the ingredients and then accidentally adding a tad too much garlic puree! ... more

Let’s get ready for camp!

Charlotte Cosgrove

So on Tuesday we had our prep day in which we organised and prepared for our first ever family camp! We haves different games and lots of fun things for the main event!! We are looking forward to seeing the families that are comi... more

What we do


Today we were product testing. Mez pulled out a load of these glo-stick headbands so we decided we all needed to help test them! There ain't no party like an upper office party! As you can see from the photo we also managed to get... more

Amazing Lanterns


Here are some of the lanterns made in craft this weekend

The Big Bible Story


I loved leading The Main Event with the boys from Birkdale this weekend. They were good thinkers and lots of fun as we looked at the Big Bible Story about God's plan for One Ruler One People One Land. Remember John 3v16: For... more



We had a beautiful sunrise this morning at The Oakes, and it reminds us what an awesome Creator God is!

Dads and Lads - January 2018


Lots of fun was had by all last weekend on the Dads and Lads camp, here is a video highlighting just some of it!

Family Day Camp 3-4 Feb


It's brand new! A camp you can bring your parents, or grandparents on. It's for kids age 8-12 and their adults. No overnight stay but all your meals and activities are included. And it's bargain at £40 each perso... more

Updating the clothing


The Oakes is modernising! We are sorting the clothing out and all learning how to use the card reader and tablet to sell stuff! Everyone seems more focused on picking up bargains from the Sale Rail though!



It's a gorgeous snowy day at The Oakes today.

Study Day 12/01/18


On Friday, we were looking at developing and conserving our knowledge of how to lead a child to Christ! It is always exciting to be invloved in a place where telling the gospel is so key to the foundations of our work, and being p... more

Prep day


Today we prepared with games for the Dad's and Lad's camp. We played 2 type of Cluedo. In the first one we needed to wear some costume, and we used some place and some weapons for the game.The second one was more difficult, beca... more

Mission Accomplished

Charlotte Cosgrove

So today was the last work day and me and Jess H finshed Digging the hole for the tyre and also finishing the tyre all together they is only a few more bits that need adding to make the new obstacle complete for the ropes me and J... more

Digging, Digging and More Digging!!

Charlotte Cosgrove

Its our first work day back and me and Jess H are working on the ropes course.....Digging a hole for a new obstacle!! We have both had so much fun and are super excited for when it’s finshed to watch all of you enjoy the new obs... more

Calling Support Team

ciara twinnybob long

Hi everyone. I hope you've enjoyed your Christmas and New year. It is great to be back at the Oakes. We've really missed running camps If you are 15 years old or older we would love for you to join us on camp as a Support Tea... more

Finish the story!


Everyone has to put a bit to the story! Here goes: Once upon a time was a litle girl who was 6 and live with her mum and dad

...so that he can arrange for ....